fuel cards

Fuel cards offer simplicity, availability and security. Whatever the size of your business, you could benefit from one of our fuel cards, providing you with a quick and easy way to pay for fuel in up to 1600 locations nationwide.

Easy to use. All our fuel cards offer the advantage of itemised billing and a single VAT approved invoice to make tracking your company spend on fuel easier and saving you time on administration. You will also enjoy the benefit of paying one competitive national price regardless of where you collect your fuel.

Extensive network of sites. Watson Card Services offers you the choice of three cards. The Fastfuels Card has access to the Texaco, Morrisons and UK Fuels network. The Watson Card covers the UK Fuels network. The Diesel Direct Card is on the extensive Keyfuels network of locations.

To find out more about which card would best suit you and your business, please call us on 01666 511236, or email us by completing the enquiry form. One of the friendly staff at Watson Card Services will be happy to help find the right card for you.